This is a story of Faith. Having great faith in God; faith
in love, faith in family; faith in the bad times, so that you
can appreciate the good times, and faith in life itself.
Having faith is truly living. Having faith is the beginning…
but it is also the end.
It’s not only the beginning and the end, it’s all that
in between … the heartaches, the happiness, the ups
and downs, the tearful cries, the jumping for joy, the
endless tiring work of being a mother and wife, and
the joy and fulfilment when you lay your head down
on that pillow at night and pray `thank you God for all
you have done for me, and all you are going to do
Then you wake up the next morning and sing for joy,
praying ` thank you God for another day’. Because each
and every day you are given, is a blessed day of grace.
The grace given to you comes from only God Himself.
He has a plan for you, as it states in His word
I alone know the plans I have for you…

He allows you to live with your own choices but He
wants you to trust Him fully and to live, by faith.


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