Foreword by Rev Dr David Smethurst

...Then you’ll see this young mother’s brave common sense coming
to the fore, in making the preparation for her business affairs to be tied
up, and arrangements for her funeral, while undergoing treatment,
taking her medications, and enduring extreme pain and discomfort,
and then having to say goodbye to her caring husband and
beautiful daughters.
I've seen how this relieves the burden of the family left behind when
having to deal with shock and grief. It enables the family to concentrate
on saying good-bye and holding on to the precious memories of their
loved one.
You will read too, of a young husband struggling to keep his own faith,
while caring for his dying wife and supporting his daughters. This man
is my hero for maintaining his faith, and his loving care for his
wife and family, over a long period of time.
This is one of the most encouraging and helpful books I have ever read
on how to deal with an incurable disease and for the surviving family to
do more than just cope with the death of a loved one.
If you receive Jesus into your life and commit yourself to serve
him (or return to your faith in the Lord) please write to the author
and tell her about your experience. That will be such an encouragement
to Faith's family, to know that it was worthwhile writing this
book, just to help you. Be encouraged reading this classic.

Rev Dr David Smethurst

About the Author Shandy McJarrow


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